AFC Ajax executed by Ajax eSports. With the ultimate goal to improve the FIFA skills of the FIFA players across the world, Ajax Gaming Academy offers education via top level tutorials and tournaments, Ajax Gaming Academy will be available in Google Play and the App Store soon


The tournament structure is called the Ziggo eBattle – Ajax Next ePlayer. By joining the Ziggo eBattle participants get the chance to earn a professional contract at Ajax eSports. The professional contract comes with a coach, official clothing and a own back number. The tournament starts with weekly qualifiers. The winners of the weekly qualifiers will go through to the play-offs. Via the play-offs the spots for the grand final will be granted. Participating the Ziggo eBattle – Ajax Next ePlayer only allocated for Founders. To become a Founder you need to register at Ajax Gaming Academy.


With the aim to improve your FIFA skills Ajax Gaming Academy provides tutorials. The tutorials are offered as videos and are classified in several categories. The categories vary from penalty kicks to man marking and from formations to free kicks. The learning components are set up by Ajax eSports and the videos are hosted by well-known international influencers. The tutorials are only available for the Founders. To become a Founder you need to register at Ajax Gaming Academy.


The Founders are those who support Ajax Gaming Academy from the very first moment. We appreciate and honor the Founders of our Future. The Founders get advantages like early access to tutorials, guaranteed spots for the Ziggo eBattle – Ajax Next ePlayer and will keep up to date about future updates. And there is more to come.. Just saying.


This platform will be available in the App Store and Google Play soon. Want to know when it’s available at first? Register and become a Founder of our Future.