Our influencers will explain the most important in game tips & tricks on improving your skills. These have been specifically chosen by Ajax eSports and will help you to gain an advantage over your opponent. A new tutorial with a different subject will be posted every week for our Founders.


In order to be able to watch the tutorials you need to be registered as a Founder of the Ajax Gaming Academy. As a Founder you have multiple advantages; early access to the tutorials, a guaranteed spot for the Ziggo eBattle and a special spot of the Founders in the coming Ajax Gaming Academy App. Don’t wait, become a Founder now!



The tutorial will be hosted by the famous influencers David, Gonth, RossiHD and Chuboi.

David: Is the host of the famous 433 channel with over 19 million followers
Gonth: Gonth is a famous YouTube star having over 1.5 million subscriber on his channel posting special FIFA related content.
RossiHD: Rossi has been around the FIFA community for a long time. With over 700.000 subscribers he is one of the most watched FIFA Youtubers.
Chuboi: Chuboi is mostly famous posting FIFA content every day on his Twitter and Youtube channel. He is hosting multiple FIFA-tournaments too, like the Global Series play-offs in Amsterdam.